Executive Message


Executive Message

For me, immigration is very personal. Lots of immigrants come to the United States at very young age with no money and knowing almost no English. They do not have much of an education and no real skills. But they built a life for themselves and their families through determination and hard work. Millions of immigrant families in the United States today are doing the exact same thing. That is the story of almost every immigrant and that is the story of America. We welcome those who seek the American dream, build our communities and strengthen our economy.

This is also the fact that families are forced to flee from violence and lawlessness in their home countries. After making arduous and often dangerous journeys to reach safety in our community, families face a lot of challenges including an incredibly complex legal system, possible deportation and family separation, and barriers to Food, employment, housing, and education.

Majority of the immigrants when they come to country does not know what to do? Where to go? To whom they should meet? for their basic needs. HAVING A GUIDANCE CAN MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. In response to the urgent need for legal and social services for immigrant and refugee families in Northwest Ohio, Logistic Assistance for Migrant People (LAMP) began its operation in Sept 2021.

LAMP is a one-of-a-kind grassroot organization that provides legal and social services across a spectrum of humanitarian needs for Low/No-income immigrants and refugee families. We are all a passionate to support immigrants in since very few organizations are working to provide legal services in Toledo and Archbold Ohio therefore, LAMP was created to help fill this gap. I remember the day I moved to the United States like yesterday, along with the uncertainty and determination embedded in my heart. I didn’t fully understand the immigration process. The ways it would open and close doors, and the transformational nature of this journey.

I started my career here as a scared young woman and queer immigrant living in the closet. Today, I am a leader of LAMP and serving lots of immigrant families in Northwest Ohio and across the country. LAMP’s mission is to guide newcomers in the country through legal and social services.

As an immigrant, I know firsthand the meaning of sacrifice. I have left behind my culture, language, and family. This has made me stronger and more resilient. I am the hope for this nation and for newcomers.

This country is a nation of immigrants. Other than the native peoples of the Americas, every one of our families came here from somewhere else. Some came by choice, some by necessity, and others in chains. As we have developed as a nation, each of us has contributed to the growth and prosperity of America in our own way. And our nation has been most successful and most true to its ideals when that prosperity has been shared among all of us. In many ways, that is what the LAMP is: To provide light to those in the darkness of immigration and displacement. You all deserve happiness, and we won’t stop fighting until you can thrive in this community. We are here for you. We have your back!